• WRTU is used for setup of MCAM’s
  • Simplify complex programming
  • Create and configure Tags
  • Apply EDGE based rules
  • Collect and export logs
  • Manage contacts list
  • Update firmware
  • Save Project Files
  • Connect with cable or through Ethernet/Internet

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WRTU - Client

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Our continued advancing MCAM setup and configuration tool WRTU 
is now available for free download.Your feedback and comments continue
 to advance this easy to use service and programming client application.

WRTU - Client

  •  Runs on up to Microsoft Windows 10
  •  Automatically downloads latest version (and firmware) from 
            our server, so you are always up to date.
  •  Connect to MCAM units via USB cable or static IP address over 
            the internet.
  •  Change communications parameters on master and slave ports.
  •  Setup and control peripheral systems and LCD refresh rate.
  •  Setup tags (local, Modbus-RTU slaves, etc.)
  •   Setup values mapping for tag contents codes.
  •   Setup tags settings for bit mapped status registers.
  •   Define alarm parameters, message content, and contacts.
  •   Perform full analog input loop calibrations.
  •   Configure raw units scaling to engineering units and or  linear 
             and quadratic equations scaling.
  •   Download stored log files for tag, alarm, and events data.
  •   View real-time tag values (raw and scaled)

  • Our PC Application is used to program, configure, and interact with all MCAM products.
  • Local USB, or remote TCP connectivity.
  • This application has been deigned to be simple to use, 
         while allowing complex tasks to be setup with easy fill in the            blanks fields, drop down selections, and check boxes.
The Metrologics WRTU application is a PC based client application that is used to setup and program all the advanced features of our MCAM products.  

Data Logger, RTV Alarm
Monitoring Unit

“The METROLOGICS MCAM product   family provides you with intelligent
decision making that is distributed to the edge, making it  quicker and easier to customize functionality, the way you want.”
                                Fred Wenzel

You will not find another application like this ... 
with all the features it has to offer!