Fred Wenzel

Fred Wenzel has over 35+ years of instrumentation and controls experience and has worked in all major oil & gas areas of the USA and over 18 foreign countries.  

Fred has designed innovative products and complex systems, installed and serviced a wide mix of systems including but not limited to: Electro-pnuematic control panels, compressor control panels, PLC and RTU systems, Flow Computer systems, communciations systems, machine control systems, etc.

Fred has managed auditing business units involved in complex systems audits resulting in large positive reclamations for his clients.

Fred has also managed other businesses as President, Executive Vice President, Vice President-Sales & Marketing, Business Development Manager, Product Manager, Measurement/Instrumentation Specialist, etc. 

Fred brings a details oriented approach to our business model, while focusing on positive business growth and sustainability.

"Our success is based on your satisfaction after the sale.  We will strive to make sure you enjoy doing business with us at the end of the day, and more importantly, that you are satisfied with our technical solutions to your problems...Fred Wenzel"
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