New PLC basedPump Controllerdeveloped for a leading chemical injection pump manufacturer.  First project systems delivered overseas and additional domestic USA projects are pending.

PLC based Speed Controls for compressors now being installed and commissioned for a partner 3rd party communications and solutions provider. This is an exciting new product that will control up to six compressors at a remote site, for speed, station suction, discharge or flow rate control, with web interface.

Developed Wireless Solutions for remote projects that required an innovative approach to technician problems with wired systems. Tech now can access all instrumentation via their wireless connection onsite.

New Level Monitoring solution for Tri-R mechanical level gauges was developed and installed with project winning results. A local LCD display is now available, and the system has remote communications, alarm monitoring, history storage, trending, and web interface to data.

Wireless Production Site Monitoring solution, based on Oleumtech hardware was recently programmed and installed for an O&G company with great results. The system has satellite based communications, alarm monitoring, history storage, and web interface to site data.

Metering Skid Completion...

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