Simple to Complex.

After we have designed a new system, we build up system #1 and perform a full function test to insure we have it right the first time.  If your order has more than one similar system in it, we still 100% test each unit for functionality before it leaves our shop.

All our systems unless otherwise requested, are fully documented with layout and wiring diagrams.  Our documentation allows for easy system troubleshooting by experienced technicians.

Our systems range in complexity from simple single point systems to full I/O compliments.  We use a select few FCU, RTU, and or PLC devices we know well, so you don't have to pay for extra configuration and programming time.

In most cases, we know the process you are trying to monitor and control, so we can design a system that is best fit to the application.

Coming soon...see our presentation on systems we have implimented, or download our white papers.  
System Integration
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