Our Services include:
Product/Project Design and Management, Procurement, Installation Advice, Maintenance Advice, Calibration, Consulting, System Integration,
PLC programming, etc., for a diverse range of project deliverables. 

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We offer a complete range of in-house designed products to support your needs.  We also design and manufacture products for OEM's that need a third party partner for embedded electronics and communication systems design.

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Our core team is made up of seasoned professionals that have worked all over the world, and together provide a wealth of experience and application knowledge.

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MCAM Cellular/Satellite/Radio based Mini RTU/Data-Loggers.

- New Wired and Wireless Modbus-RTU addressable, DIN-rail mountable I/O System "METRIO" now available.

    - See products page for more information.

- Database Server and Web Portal, designed for OEM's.

Our new universal pump automation systems.

Innovative wireless communications solutions (Cellular, Satellite, Radio).

- CloudGate Cellular Products, with our embedded MCAM RTU application (developer image), and custom programming.

- HMI and PLC custom application programming.

- Natural Gas Compressor specialty products.

- Custom machine design and automation (mechatronics and robotics)

- New Services and Products Sheet

Our managed, low overhead, allows us to supply project deliverables on-time and under-budget. When you hire us, the job gets done.

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Did you know that 60% of Industrial IOT monitoring projects 
fail at Proof of Concept stage, and only 26% of companies 
say their IoT initiatives actually work?  

100% of all ioT development projects Metrologics has completed 
worked 100% when completed, with client expectations exceeded.  

Why waste money and time trying to develop embedded applications yourself, when Metrologics can solve this problem for you?  

Our expert development team with decades of experience in PCB design, mechanical design, embedded code development, sensors selection, communication interfaces, packaging, and server/portal end to end 
solutions, ensure your success!
Creative Technical Solutions

Metrologics provides products and advanced technical solutions to your site automation, measurement, analysis, communications, and data transport problems. Our 35+ years of experience and a constant linkage to the newest technology allow us to offer creative and reliable solutions.
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